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Baby Clocks & Baby Nursery Clocks 

Baby Clocks Brightly colored, personalized baby clocks bring a vibrance and charm to any baby's space. Teach your young children how to tell time with these delightful clocks. These clocks will help your baby pass time with great fun. Personalized Baby Clocks make a wonderful nursery or play room decoration. Lighten and brighten up their space with these colorful baby clocks. These clocks are approximately 10 inches in diameter with hard acrylic covers. Personalized Baby Name Clocks.  Bears and Blocks Baby name clocks, Baby Boy name Clocks, Baby Girl name Clocks, Clowns, Baby Nursery Clocks and more.  Perfect decoration for baby nursery, ideal new born personalized baby gift, or for childrens room. See other Babies gifts. 
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Pendulum Kids Clocks
Handcrafted, Hand painted and Personalized Pendulum Baby wall clocks.  Babies learn their numbers, colors and how to tell time. Babies are amused with the swinging motion of the pendulum. The base is 7 inches by 5 1/2 inches and the clocks vary in length depending on the pendulum up to 15 inches.

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