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A Train with No Name 

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"The Train With No Name"
was created especially for

Sarah Lynn Smith
at the age of 5

With love from
Mommy and Daddy

Sarah Smith went to the Springfield train station to see the big circus train that was coming to town. Courtney, Jacob and Nick went along too.

After exploring all the trains, Sarah climbed onto the back of a little track tester. Looking around, she found some old uniforms lying next to the little train. "Hey! I can be an engineer!" said Sarah.

Sarah had a feeling the other trains didn't like having these new little visitors there.

To her surprise, Sarah heard the trains talking. They were talking about the arrival of the circus train.

"It has three big engines!" said the Two Engine Express.  "It has smoke stacks as big as trees!" exclaimed The Timberline Steamer.

Then Sarah heard the little track tester say, "I can't wait to see the circus train with all the animals and clowns."

"Who cares what you want?" huffed The Two Engine Express. "Who do you think you are anyway? You don't even have a name or an engineer." Sarah felt sorry for the little train with no name.

The little track tester was sad. "I never go anywhere important, and more than anything I do wish I had an engineer" he sighed.

That gave Sarah an idea. Soon, the trains lined up to leave Springfield. As usual, the little track tester was last in line, but this time Sarah and her friends were on board.

Sarah tugged on the whistle cord. "It looks like it's rusted shut," she said.

The little train suddenly stopped on its tracks.

"Who's that?" shouted the train with no name. Sarah proudly announced, "I'm Sarah, I'm your new engineer!"

"But, you...you just can't." Suddenly, Sarah heard an alarm. "Look!" shouted Sarah. "There's something wrong up ahead."

The little track tester saw the circus train heading toward the bridge. "One of the rails is loose!" cried the track tester. "The circus train could crash!"

Quickly, Sarah grabbed a loose spike from the track, and pushed it through the rusty whistle to unclog it.

Sarah pulled hard on the cord, and the old whistle sang out loudly! The circus train heard the whistle and screeched to a full stop. This gave everyone time to fix the track.

When the little track tester returned to Springfield, The Timberline Steamer rolled up, puffing with excitement. "Sarah and you have saved the circus train," he said, "and we think it is time you had a name!"

"We've decided to call you Hooty," said Sarah. Because he was no longer a train with no name, Hooty blew his whistle and announced that Sarah was his new engineer.

Everyone cheered for Hooty, now the biggest little train in Springfield. After a very exciting day, Sarah had learned a big lesson...

You don't have to be big to be important.

(copyright Hefty)

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