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Baby's Create A Book 

The names highlighted below will be changed based on the information given.


This book was created especially for
Courtney Lynn Cross

 With love from
Auntie Carole
April 1999

On April 11, 1999, the lives of Julie and Tony of Springfield, Massachusetts were changed forever. They received a very special gift...a new little baby girl. Julie and Tony had chosen the name Courtney for their new little bundle of joy and decided to call her Court.

It seemed to Julie that Courtney would never be born, but she finally arrived at Mercy Hospital at exactly 10:06 PM. Julie was filled with joy when she heard Dr. John Smith say, "Congratulations, you have a beautiful baby girl."

Wrapped snugly in a soft, warm blanket, Courtney was handed to Julie, who held her new little miracle for the first time. She thought Courtney was the most beautiful baby she had ever seen and that she was so small and cuddly.

Courtney's birth was a brand new beginning for her mommy and daddy. Courtney will get all the love and care she needs from her new family, and she will bring lots of joy and happiness to their lives.

As soon as Courtney was born, she was placed on the scales.... Her weight was 7 pounds 6 ounces, and she was 20 inches in length.

Friends and family were anxiously awaiting Courtney's birth. When they heard the good news, they showered her with lots of gifts. Some were clothes, some were blankets to keep her nice and warm, some were bottles, and oh, some were diapers, of course.

All the nurses thought Courtney was the cutest little boy/girl, and they enjoyed taking care of her. Even the doctors were amazed at this new little arrival into the world.

After Courtney came home from the hospital, she soon settled into daily routines. Julie was very excited to give Courtney her first bath. Afterwards, she gently covered her with powder and dressed her in tiny, warm baby clothes.

Julie thought about all the babies who are born all around the world and realized how all parents must feel... that their baby is the most beautiful of all. And, they are right.

Many people came to visit Courtney. Grandma and Grandpa Cross had been eagerly waiting for Courtney to be born. When they saw her, they thought Courtney was the most precious little person and that her skin was so soft and smooth.

Every day, Julie and Tony think of how blessed they are that Courtney has become a part of their lives and how full their lives will be in the years ahead. There will be laughter and joy, boo-boos and tears, and really big hugs to chase away the fears.

Mommy and Daddy are looking forward to Courtney's first smile, the first time she crawls, her first steps, the first time she feeds herself, and even that all important potty training time.

Often, on bright sunny days, Mommy sits outside and just holds and cuddles Courtney. She enjoys rocking her and singing to her. As she looks at Courtney, her heart is full of love for this special little gift she has received.

Daddy enjoys helping Mommy take care of Courtney. Sometimes he reads to her, sometimes he feeds her, and sometimes he even helps give Courtney her bath. These are very special times for Daddy and Courtney.

While Julie and Tony were waiting for Courtney to be born, they prepared a room especially for her. They placed a cozy, warm bed for Courtney to sleep in and a big rocking chair so that they can hold and rock her, or just sit and look at her.

Sometimes, Mommy and Daddy take Courtney for long walks, and Courtney just smiles and coos and makes cute little faces all along the way. As they walk, Mommy and Daddy talk about all the plans they have for Courtney's future and all the exciting things they will do together as a family. Making memories that will last forever....

Important dates for Courtney
____________________First smile
____________________Sleeps all night
____________________Rolls over
____________________Sits alone
____________________First tooth
____________________First word
____________________Pulls self up

The End

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