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Baby's First Christmas 

It's a time to celebrate! It's to remember! It's a your Baby's First Christmas!  So start your family rituals and tranditions off right with only the Most Huggable Baby's First Christmas Gifts from Baby Gund.  Your Baby will love having his/her very own First Christmas Present, Personalized First Christmas Stocking, First Christmas Name Train, First Personalized Story from Santa, a Personalized Christmas Snowman Comfy Cozy and more.

Baby's First Christmas Music

Baby's First Christmas - Name Trains
Make this Baby's First Christmas Extra Special with a Personalized Name Train Gifts!  Add a "Merry Christmas" Engine and/or a Rudy Reindeer to give it that extra Christmas touch. Great nursery decoration (Recommended for play at 3 years or older)
Baby's First Christmas - Personalized Books
Personalized Children's Christmas Books - Featuring your baby as the star of these wonderful Christmas Stories.  Includes your baby's name, age, friends, family and a special dedication from you.  Makes a unique and fun Baby's First Christmas.  In Santa - your child will take a trip to the North Pole and a wonderful holiday wish-comes-true as Santa and Rudolph get ready for Christmas. These books make keepsakes that will be shared for years to come.
Baby's First Christmas - Lovies
Cuddly animal character baby security blankets with satin trim! Extra cute Lovies are sure to become your baby's best sleepy time friend. Perfect First Baby's First Christmas - Bears, Lambs, Puppies, Ducks and more.   FREE Personalization and/or birthday or christmas year!


Baby's First Christmas - Bears
A Broad selection of First Christmas Bears to choose from.  Including personalized musical bears by Gund that sway their head while playing Brahms lullaby. Perfect for that new baby and as babys first christmas gift. FREE Personalization and/or birthday or christmas year!
Baby's First Christmas - Personalized Santa's Message
A Personalized Santa Message CD - Perfect for Baby's First Christmas!
Starcatcher Music proudly presents a personalized jolly message from Santa to your baby.  This happy CD features Santa along with his lively elves.....Ollie, Wilbur & Nixie.  Your baby will hear her/his name spoken by Santa 8 times throughout the Christmas CD. They will also enjoy the original Starcatcher Music Christmas song featuring the voices of Santa's elves! 
Here a sample!
Baby's First Christmas - Baskets
Adorable selection of Baby's First Christmas Baskets featuring Baby Gund products.  Gund products are globally known for their soft, plush fur and adorable snuggly products.  Gotta Get a Baby Gund Christmas Basket!
Baby's First Christmas Ornaments
Remember the very first special christmas each year with personalized baby's first christmas ornaments.

Baby's First Christmas - Clothes
Celebrate the perfect holiday season with Baby's First Christmas Clothes.

Personalized Children's Gifts
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