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Ballerina Princess Book Text 
Ballerina Princess Personalized Book
Julie Allen
is the Ballerina Princess
For my beautiful granddaughter
Grandma Kate

     Julie Allen, Age 6, was walking in a park near Mount Holly Park, Colorado.  She was watching butterflies playing in the flowers and was quite surprised when a king and queen arrived.

     "We're looking for a beautiful young girl to become the new princess of our kingdom," the king said.

     "I've always dreamed about being a princess!" said Julie.

     The happy king and queen took Julie back to their castle.

     "I wish mommy, daddy and Grandma Kate could see this place!" Julie said.  "It's so big you could have the whole kingdom over for a party."

     "What an excellent idea!" said the queen.

    Soon, the entire castle was busy with preparations for a fancy ball to welcome the new princess.

     The royal dressmakers created a beautiful gown just for Julie.  When she tried it on, Julie could hardly believe her eyes.

     "In this dress I really do look like a princess," she said.

     All eyes were on Julie as she made a grand entrance into the ballroom.

     "Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce Princess Julie Allen," the king announced.

     Cheers from the crowd filled her heart with joy.  Being a princess was even more wonderful than she had ever imagined.

     When Julie awoke the next morning, the weather was warm and sunny.

     "You should go to the beach and have fun with your new friends," the queen said.

     "That sounds great!" Julie replied.  She spent the whole day at the beach swimming and playing in the sand with her new friends.

     "When Julie returned from the beach, the queen had a surprise for her.

     "Tonight the royal dancers will perform a ballet at the castle," she said.  "And they want you to dance with them!"

     That night, Julie was nervous but excited as the dancers began the ballet.

     Soon it was time for Julie to join the ballet.  She took a deep breath and stepped out onto the stage.

     Julie heard the beautiful music playing and saw the smiling ballerinas all around her.  She forgot how nervous she was and danced more gracefully than she had ever danced in her life.

     Julie met the king and queen for tea the next day.  She was still tingling with excitement from the standing ovation she received at the ballet.

     "You are the finest princess we could ever wish for, Julie," said the queen.

     "We hope you will stay here with us for a very long time." the king said.

     "But I miss Mommy, Daddy and Grandma Kate," Julie said.

     "Then you must return to them," replied the king.  "After all, you are their princess, too."

     "We'll miss you," the queen said as she waved goodbye.

     The royal carriage took Julie home to Mount Holly Park, Colorado, but she knew she would be back to visit again very soon.

Julie Allen
Enjoy this book
A special gift from
Grandma Kate

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