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Child Song 
Child Song Personalized Music
Are you looking for a Personalized Child Song?  Our personalized Child song CD is a perfect gift that is sure to bring an instant smile to the Child that you love.

Does your child love to listen to a fun song on Cd ?

If you answered "Yes" to both of these questions, then each song on "My Very Own Music" Personalized Children's Music CD and songs are the right gift for you!

Each delightful song is Personalized for Child and contains "happy" songs that your child will want to hear over and over again. The Personalized Child Song CD, Music and lyrics feature your child in 8 different "fun" songs including.

 1. Wake up  .MP3
 2. Fishes and Froggies  .MP3
 3. Outside  .MP3
 4. Driving in the car  .MP3
 5. the Alphabet song  .MP3
 6. the sharing song  .MP3
 7. The Best costume  .MP3
 8. Sleepy time  .MP3

Your child will hear his/her name throughout each song. Each song and the music is so contagious you'll find yourself and your child singing along with it in no time! In addition to being entertaining each song is a wonderful imagination and self-esteem builder for toddlers and preschoolers.

Discover this musical personalized CD gift your child will love song and enjoy a special keepsake in years to come with "My Very Own Music" Personalized Child Music CD!

Every song has your child's name sung into the lyrics by professional recording artists. Watch your child dance and sing along with every song, and see their little face light up every time their name is sung. The basic building blocks of education are set to music.



Personalized Child Song on Music CD "My Very Own Music"

A wonderful listening treat for the entire family.  Child song music that is "child like" without being "childish". Each child music song is immediate fun for the child and enjoyable for big people as well. You will start to sing each song yourself - guaranteed.

If your are looking for child song music CD, child music, music for children, educational music, kids music, kid's music, music for kids, "My Very Own Music Song CD" will fit what you are looking for.

Personalized child song music CD gives it that extra special touch.  Show you really care with a personalized childrens music gift today.  Personalized children's music CD, personalized kids music, personalized kid's music.

Looking for something for baby? Baby song music CD is the perfect idea.  The impact of Music song CD for babies has been scentifically proven.  Infants love music and to hmm to a snappy song.  Personalized infant music CD will sooth baby during the comforting moments.  Music for infants will be tremendous joy to both infants and parents.

Looking for something for toddlers?  My Very Own Music CD is the perfect fit Toddler music fit.  Music song CD for toddlers is incredibly important for their future development.  Do you remember Preschool music?  Such fun with an educational theme.  Music CD for preschoolers is a must have. 

Children's audio, childrens audios, cassettes, cd's, cds, songs, tapes, and tunes will create fun loving childhood memories forever.

Personalized Children's Gifts
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