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Christmas Books 
Personalized Books are a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas and the holidays.  Just watch as your child will light up with their very own personalized story that features them as the main character!

All books include: Child's name, age, hometown, friends name, personalized dedication and more!

A good vocabulary and strong reading skills are essential tools that every child should have.  Our personalized children's books encourage children to read by capturing their attention and imagination.  By making them the star of their very own story.

When a child is captivated by a story, they continue to want to read and practice their skills while doing so. How do I know?  (that's my son on the right - you can't take his books away from him) 
Listen to what our customers say--"Your products are wonderful!  Thank you for such a unique gift of such high quality at such a reasonable price.  My granddaughter will not put it down, every 5 minutes she is asking me to read it again, read it again grandma!  She just can't believe that the story is about her and her friends.
Our personalized children's books will be some that they will cherish forever.   
We hope our personalized Christmas books and other products will help you select just the right
personalized Christmas gifts this season.

"Look Mom, A Santa Story all about me!"
Santa Letters 

Personalized Children's Gifts
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