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Dottie Dots Comfy Cozy 
Dottie Dots Comfy Cozy Baby Gund
Gund Dottie Dots Comfy Cozies are wonderful playtime friends just waiting to be loved by your child. Gund Comfy Cozy Dottie Dots Puppy, Gund Comfy Cozy Dottie Dots Kitten and Gund Comfy Cozy Dottie Dots Frog have plush fur on top and soft velour polka dot pattern underneath. Heads double as a pillow, filled with soft stuffing and perfect for naptime blankie! Approximate size 24 inches. Surface washable.
Manufactured by Baby Gund and made of a soft, short pile plush, and has a "blanket" body with a soft pillow head. Comfy Cozy Dottie Dots have satin paws underneath.

Embroidery if selected will be placed on top side paw

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