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First Christmas 
First Christmas Books
Personalized Children's Christmas Books - Featuring your baby or child as the star of these wonderful Christmas Stories.  Includes your child's name, age, friends or family and a special dedication from you.  Makes a unique and fun First Christmas gift.  In Santa - your child will take a trip to the North Pole and a wonderful holiday wish-comes-true as Santa and Rudolph get ready for Christmas. These books make keepsakes that will be shared for years to come.
Babys First Christmas Music Santa Message Babys First Christmas Music
A Personalized Santa and Me Message CD!
A wonderful Personalized Santa CD that is a Great Gift for Babys First Christmas.  Music CD has 12 holiday songs and 5 are personalized for Baby with a messages from Santa to your Baby.  Babys name is sung and spoken by Santa over 30 times throughout the CD. Your baby will enjoy this wonderful Christmas Music CD on their First Christmas adventure with Santa, Rudolph and all the elves in 5 inspiring and captivating personalized songs.
First Christmas Bears
Babys First Christmas Bears.  Your little ones will love hearing precious little bears sing soft lullabies to them, or become their favorite snuggletime bears this christmas.
First Christmas Stocking
First Christmas Stocking Plays "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" - Your little one will enjoy lots of special little things this christmas once you stuff this 12.5" stocking full of goodies for them.  You always want to remember Babys Very First Christmas and your time together.
First Christmas Clocks
Handcrafted, Hand painted and Personalized Pendulum Baby wall clocks make a great First Christmas Gift (personalize it with the year as well).  Babies will love to watch the soothing motion, as well as learn their numbers, colors and how to tell time as they get older. Babies are amused with the swinging motion of the pendulum. The base is 7 inches by 5 1/2 inches and the clocks vary in length depending on the pendulum up to 15 inches.
Babys First Christmas Books Babys First Christmas Books
Personalized Babys First Christmas Books - Featuring your baby as the first star of these wonderful Christmas Stories.  Includes your baby's name, age, friends, family and a special dedication from you.  A unique and fun Babys First Christmas gift.  Several Babys First Christmas Books to choose from.  Your baby will take his/her first trip with Santa to the North Pole and a wonderful First Christmas wish-comes-true as Santa and Rudolph get ready for Christmas. Babys First Christmas Lifetime keepsakes. 
Personalized Free!

First Christmas Present Babys First Christmas Present
Babys First Christmas is a special time, "My First Christmas Present" contains a rattling rocking horse, a spinning top, and a music Santa that plays "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." Make your Babys First Christmas rememberable with Baby Gund's First Christmas Present. 
 Musical and Activity Toy
babys first christmas train Babys First Christmas Trains
Make this Babys First Christmas Extra Special with a Baby First Christmas Personalized Name Train!  Add a 2004 Santa Engine and Rudy Reindeer to give it that extra Christmas touch. Great nursery decoration. (Ages 3+ for play).

Personalized Children's Gifts
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