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My Fishing Adventure 

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"My Fishing Adventure"

This book was created especially for

Mary Loise Stevens

Love Always
Grandma and Grandpa
July 30, 2002

Mary Loise Stevens was peacefully reclining in her bed, browsing through her newest fishing catalog and thinking about the annual fishing contest in Austin, Texas. "I sure wish I could enter," Mary said to herself as she flipped through the pages.

Mary turned the page and saw Bobber Bear in the catalog. "Boy, I wish I could be a fishing bear like Bobber Bear. I would be able to fish anytime I wanted," thought Mary as she gently nodded off to sleep.

Mary began to dream. In her dream, she was magically transformed into Bobber Bear. What was even more amazing was the fact that Uncle Jason was also transformed into another fishing bear.

Uncle Jason told Mary to get her fishing rod because they were going to enter the fishing rodeo! Mary was very excited as they began packing for their fishing trip. Along with sandwiches and fruit, they packed plenty of water to drink. Uncle Jason brought a tent.

They decided to go to the Bass Pro Shop to get sinkers, flies, hooks, floats and anything else they might need for the fishing contest.
Uncle Jason also looked at the new boats, outdoor gear and other fishing equipment.

Mary was fascinated by the colossal 30,000 gallon saltwater aquarium they found stocked full of trophy-size fish of many types. There was even a real person in the tank hand-feeding the fish!

At the fish camp,
Mary and Uncle Jason set up the tent for the night. With the boat in the water, they took their places and Uncle Jason started the motor! "Look out fish, here we come!" yelled Mary and Uncle Jason at the same time.

First they cruised up the river so
Uncle Jason could find just the right spot. Mary was starting to get impatient when Uncle Jason said, "This is the place!" Immediately, Mary began looking for fish. She wished Jackson, Becka and Aaron could be here with her.

Mary watched Uncle Jason get one fishing pole ready. Next Uncle Jason grabbed a spinner. Then Uncle Jason helped Mary get her very own fishing pole ready. Mary was going to try a plastic worm first.

Mary had trouble throwing out her fishing line. Several times it caught nothing other than branches of some nearby trees. Finally, she learned how to cast her artificial bait to the right spot.

The first time
Mary reeled in her line slowly. She was very disappointed that the fish were not biting. After three more casts, Mary began to understand that you do not catch fish every single time you throw out your line. Soon Mary was catching quite a few fish, but none of them were big enough to win a trophy!

With the noon sun directly overhead,
Uncle Jason reeled in the line, but Mary left her line out and set her rod by her seat.

While she was eating lunch,
Mary heard a noise next to her. There was a quick jerk and her pole almost fell into the water. Mary quickly grabbed the pole, but the fish that Mary hooked was so-o-o big that it began pulling the boat!

The sandwiches flew overboard as
Mary, Uncle Jason, the boat, and the fish headed down the river through the rapids. Uncle Jason looked so funny trying to keep one hand on the boat and the other on the hat. Mary would have chuckled, if she had not been afraid of losing her fish.

As the boat raced toward
Austin, Texas, the other fishing contestants could not get out of the way fast enough. Fishing poles were snapping, lines were breaking and Jackson, Becka and Aaron and her other friends were cheering from the banks. Mary was ready to land the fish and try to win the trophy!

The fish was the biggest ever caught in Austin, Texas. The loudspeaker hailed, "The winner of this year's fishing contest is Mary Loise Stevens!
"Mary, Mary! Wake up!" said Uncle Jason while shaking Mary out of her dream. "I just entered us in the big fishing contest. Let's go now or we will be late!" Mary grinned from ear to ear. Maybe her dream would come true after all!

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