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Personalized Music Tyro Kidz Tune Available Names 
Personalized children's music cd tyro

Over 3,000 Names Available! This is our current list of names. Remember, if the spelling of your name is different, that's okay, we can spell the name any way you like. (i.e. Katelin, Kaitlyn, or Catelyn). Boy and girl names are listed together.

If you don't find the child's name you're looking for, try another way of spelling it! For Example: Bryan and Brian have the same pronunciation (and the same Phonetic Spelling) but only one may be displayed in our Available Names List.

What is most important is that we have the correct Pronunciation of your child's name in our Available Names List. That way the songs will sound right. We will then put the correct spelling of your child's name on the Personalized Music CD Label, just the way you want us to.

If you can't find the correct pronunciation in our list of available names then please email us before ordering. This list shows the names that we currently do have available. Our list of names makes up the top 98% of the social security database of names, but unfortunately, we do not have available all possible names.

Click on the name below to get started.

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