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Personalized Superman and Wonder Woman Book 

Personalized Superman & Wonder Woman ęDC Comics Hard cover, Deluxe 9x6 - Recommended Ages 3-9. It's a magical adventure at the museum when all the exhibits come alive! Help Superman and Wonder Woman save the day.

Please double check all of your personalized information for correct spellings. This is what will be printed in your book. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS!

Sample text of story (The red text is where your personalized information would be inserted. **All of the text in the book will be black.):

Caleb Scott Smith
helps Superman and Wonder Woman save the day

With Love Always,
Grandma and Papa

Caleb Scott Smith, age 4
, from Portage, Indiana, ran up the steps of the Natural History Museum.

The museum had been closed for renovations. Now it was reopening. Superman and Wonder Woman were going to cut the ribbon.

Caleb stopped dead in his tracks. Two huge stone lions were staring hungrily down at him. Just for a second, Caleb thought the lions were real!

"I wish Tristan, Ethan and DJ were here with me now," Caleb said with a smile.

"Don't worry, Caleb," Wonder Woman said with a laugh. "These lions won't hurt you. They're stone. People in Africa carved them 2000 years ago."

"Wow!" Caleb exclaimed. "They sure are fierce looking!"

"The museum is full of really interesting things," Superman told Caleb. "C'mon, it's time for the museum doors to open."

In the museum's main hall, Caleb saw all the exhibits: dinosaur skeletons and life-sized models of the giant blue whale, the saber-tooth tiger, and the woolly mammoth. Then Caleb saw something very strange.

"Look!" Caleb cried. "The whale is moving! It's come alive!"

Sure enough, the blue whale, the biggest mammal ever to live on Earth, was thrashing its giant tail. Frightened people went running and screaming.

"Wonder Woman!" Caleb shouted. "Please help the whale! It's more frightened than the people."


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