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Santa Message 

Personalized Santa Message Santa & Me Personalized Children's CD.  Featuring Santa songs such as Santa's Workshop and The Day Santa Overslept. Your child will love Santa Message CD Santa and Me to start the holiday spirit with personalized messages.

Santa Message - Santa & Me CD Features:

  • Songs sung by professional artists
  • Personalized with your child's name over 30 times
  • Wonderful adventure with Santa, Rudolph and the elves
  • Captive and Inspiring Songs such as: Santa's Workshop and The Day Santa
  • OversleptClassic Traditional Santa Message Songs
  • Recommended Ages 1-8
  • 12 Santa Message Santa & Me songs / 23min

Watch your child dance and sing along with every song in this fun personalized santa message cd, and see their little face light up every time their name is sung.


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