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Sesame Street Dolls 
Sesame Street Dolls from Baby Gund
Baby Gund Sesame Street Dolls offered from the World's Most Huggable Manufacturer Gund.  Soft, Plush Sesame Street Dolls will allow your child to enjoy the world's famous Sesame Street Characters featuring Big Bird Dolls, Elmo Dolls, Ernie Dolls, Snuffleupagus Dolls, Cookie Monster Dolls, Zoe Dolls and more Sesame Street Character Dolls.
Did you know? When you purchase Sesame Street Dolls, and other Sesame Workshop products, you are supporting the education of children around the world. The income that Sesame Street receives from product sales - along with crucial support from foundations, corporations, individuals, government agencies, and licensees (like 2Blockheads Inc.) - is put right back into the development of Sesame Street and our other educational projects around the world.

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