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The Big Parade 

The Big Parade

was created especially for

Kristy Lynn Smith
at the age of 2

With Love From
Aunty Sue
February 14, 2000

Kristy Smith sat up wide awake in her bed.  The sun was just coming up in Bellivue, Vermont.  She could tell that it was going to be a gorgeous day.  She glanced out her bedroom window.  Kristy remembered exactly where she was planning to go today with Max, Sam and Judy.

 Kristy had been so excited for the past week.  With Max, Sam and Judy, she had made a game of finding the most circus posters all over town.  Today was the big parade and that meant the start of all the circus activities.  Kristy had even tried to go to sleep as fast as she could last night to make the morning come more quickly.

Kristy began to think about all the fantastic fun she would have.  Last year, her favorite act was the clown with the invisible dog.  Kristy wondered if the clown would be there again today.  Then Kristy thought about the child who would be selected by the mayor this year to lead the parade.  Who would that lucky person be?

Just then the phone rang.  "Kristy Smith, will you lead the big parade for us this year?" asked the mayor of Bellivue, Vermont.  "Oh, yes, yes!" exclaimed Kristy.  "Will I get to ride in the fire truck?"  The mayor chuckled, "You most certainly will, Kristy!"

Max, Sam and Judy waited with Kristy while a huge helicopter landed in her back yard.  It was there to pick up Kristy.  The helicopter took off minutes later with Kristy in the front seat grinning from ear to ear.  After waving goodbye, Max, Sam and Judy hurried downtown to see the parade.

From the helicopter, Kristy could see the circus parade beginning to assemble at the edge of town.  The helicopter landed and Kristy ran to the mayor.  On their way to the shiny, red fire truck at the head of the parade, they walked past all the practicing performers and anxious animals that would be following Kristy.  Kristy was thrilled.

Someone shouted, "Look, Kristy Smith is leading the parade this year!"  At that very moment, a big drum roll was heard.  Kristy carefully climbed aboard the fire truck next to the driver who was dressed like a clown.  Kristy enjoyed the marvelous, marching music played by the band as the fire truck drove down the main street of Bellivue, Vermont.

 Immediately behind the band was a beautiful bareback rider.  Her two magnificent, prancing horses were so well trained that the rider could balance on both their backs while standing up.  Kristy imagined that the fine, fancy feathers on the noble horses' heads were bobbing to the beat of the music.  She bobbed her head also.

The fire truck turned a corner.  Kristy saw three small children mimicking the dancing bear who was dressed in a pink ballerina costume.  The big, brown bear was very entertaining as she proudly performed bouncy ballet steps while balancing on a ball.

The circus elephants followed next.  As she watched the playful pranks of the darling baby elephant, Kristy daydreamed about taking him home.  When the elephant fanned his big floppy ears, Kristy could almost picture him flying through the sky with the greatest of ease.  If the baby strayed too far, the mother elephant would lovingly wrap her trunk around his.

A jolly juggler on a unicycle juggling five full bottles fascinated Max, Sam and Judy.  He pedaled so fast that there were times when it was hard to keep up with him.  It was incredible that he never dropped a bottle, no matter how fast he pedaled.  Max, Sam and Judy knew it took practice to be that good.

 Kristy was amused by the antics of the slippery seal.  The seal would flip the ball backwards and then, with his hind flippers, smack it right back to the tip of his nose.  Everyone loved watching the seal clap after each trick he performed. Max, Sam and Judy had fun imitating his funny, barking noises.

The acrobatic troupe was next.  Their tumbling and flipping routines had the crowd cheering.  Kristy was enjoying her place of honor, but was really tickled when the driver told her she would have a chance to watch the entire parade pass before her as each act entered the big top circus tent.

A majestic lion with all his marvelous mane was in the last wagon.  He was so-o-o-o big, and his roar was so-o-o loud that Kristy could hear him from the very front of the parade.  The mild-mannered monkeys on top of his cage did not seem at all frightened of the ferocious feline.

The fire truck stopped at the entrance of the big top circus tent.  Kristy talked to the circus stars as they went inside.  It made her feel like an important star to be so close to them.  Then Kristy joined Max, Sam and Judy in her special section inside the tent.

 When the circus was over, Kristy was escorted outside by the mayor and the ringmaster.  Kristy did not want this special day to end.  As she turned to look one last time, some performers were waving goodbye.  Kristy waved back and smiled, for she knew she would never forget the day she led THE BIG PARADE!

Kristy Smith
In THE BIG PARADE, there were many different characters.  Can you unscramble the following names?

olin _____________________
reba _____________________
ymnkoe _________________
esorh ____________________
lesa _____________________
nlwoc __________________
glreguj __________________

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